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What to expect at your first visit

- You can make your appointments via our online booking service or by calling the clinic. 

- We will ask you a few basic details first. Name, address, date of birth and contact numbers.

- If you have an email address we can send you some intake forms to fill in before your visit (GP details etc)

- The appointment time you are given is the time you will arrive in clinic. You do not need to come any earlier. We have taken into account the amount of time needed for paperwork and getting changed.

- Our CA's, Nicki or Val will greet you at the desk and offer you a tea or coffee (and if you're very lucky, a biscuit) and get you to fill in your medical history forms.


- You will then be asked to get changed. Men into a pair of shorts and dressing gown, women shorts, gown and dressing gown. We ask that everyone gets changed so we can assess the whole spine.


- When the Chiropractor is ready you will be taken into the treatment room where you will go through your forms together. 

- Orthopaedic, neurological and Chiropractic examination will take place. X-rays may also be taken. All with prior consent and understanding 

- If appropriate, diagnosis and plan of care will then be discussed. Occasionally it is found that Chiropractic is not the right treatment for you. In this instance we can write to your GP or recommend other healthcare professionals 

- This initial visit will be scheduled for 45-60 minutes