What to expect at your first visit

- You can make your appointments via our online booking service or by calling the clinic. 

​If appropriate we will email you some ‘intake’ forms for you to fill some basic contact information. This will save you a bit of time on the day of your first appointment.

​The appointment time you are given is the time you are asked to arrive. This takes into account time to fill out your paperwork and get changed.

​Our address is 9 Queens Road, Broadstairs, Kent. CT10 2HL

To find us: Come down the high street with the sea in front of you. You’ll come passed Piermont park on your right then come to a junction. The road will bend round to the right. This is Queens road. We are the 5th building on the right hand side. Big sign in the front garden.

Small drive at the side of the clinic called Stephen Close. There is a small carpark at the back of the building. You can park here (including in front of the garages). Please be aware parking is limited so allow enough time to find somewhere else if it’s full.

Other places to park, High street has parking meters, as well as the local Crofts Place carpark       . Residential roads locally offer free parking although busy in peak season.

We are on the main bus routes and the train station is a 5 minute walk away.

When you arrive you will be asked to fill out some paperwork. General health questions and more in depth about your presenting complaint.

Once you’ve completed your forms you will be asked to get changed.

            Men – Pair of our shorts and a light dressing gown (we ask that you wear our shorts as we have made sure they contain no metal or plastic that would show up if we need to take x-rays)

            Women – We have knee length gowns with a Velcro opening at the back, a pair of cotton shorts and light dressing gown.

We hope that you feel covered up and at all times.

We generally only ask you to get changed the first time we see you. This allows us to look at your whole spine. Top to bottom. Even if you come in with foot pain, we will assess your whole body.


Once the Chiropractor is ready for you, they will come and meet you and take you to the treatment room.


- They will go through your forms with you and you will discuss what’s going on.

- Orthopaedic, neurological and Chiropractic examination will take place. X-rays may also be taken. All with prior consent and understanding 

- If appropriate, diagnosis and plan of care will then be discussed.

- Occasionally it is found that Chiropractic is not the right treatment for you. In this instance we can write to your GP or recommend other healthcare professionals 

- This initial visit will be scheduled for 45-60 minutes

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