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Drs Dave and Bec met at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic 20 years ago. 

They graduated together in 2009, moved to Broadstairs and now own and run

Broadstairs Chiropractic Clinic.

Their 3 children are regular visitors to clinic, so you really will know the whole family

David Wilkes. MChiro, DC, MCC

After a nasty car accident at the age of 22 David quickly discovered Chiropractic. It totally changed his life and within just a few months he'd handed in his notice as a structural engineer and started studying at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic in Glamorgan.

During his time at university he worked on the front desk of a Chiropractor in Surrey learning the ins and outs of running a clinic.

David has a keen interest in health, fitness and nutrition and the effect it has on the body. 

He sees so many different people with all matter of problems that he finds it impossible to tell us what he enjoys treating the most. 


After a full time 5 year degree at university he moved to sunny Broadstairs and no, 13 years later he owns and runs the clinic with his wife Bec

In his time away from Clinic Dave is a keen photographer and you'll see a few of his pictures around the building.

Dave has just started a PhD in Chiropractic techniques. He is also (with all his spare time) a school governor at Life Skills Manor school, Bay Point.

Georgie Corner - Front Desk 

Georgie has been a patient here for 7 years since she was injured whilst training for her first marathon. She enjoys yoga, pilates, swimming in the sea most of the year (yes, she's one of those people) as well as weight lifting/outdoor bootcamps. She only started with us this year but already part of the family.

Rebecca Wilkes. MChiro, DC

Bec was introduced to Chiropractic when her mum began training 30 years ago. She worked on reception from a young teenager. Then, after a 2 year gap year owning a vegetarian cafe in Broadstairs packed herself off to Chiropractic university in south Wales where on her 1st day met David. 

5 years later she graduated with a Masters degree in Chiropractic and moved back to Thanet where she worked for her mum in the clinic as her associate.

3 years after graduation she and David got married and 3 children later they work together, running and owning the clinic. They split their time between the kids and clinic so they don't miss out on family life. 

Bec enjoys treating everyone from babies and pregnant women to office workers, hairdressers and builders.

Bec has also trained as a HypnoBirthing practitioner and has a Diploma in Nutrition and Menopause awareness.

From September 2024, we will begin Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage appointments, Dr B's new passion.

Isabel Emby - Front Desk

Isabel joined just before the Pandemic began and so she's literally had every single event thrown at her and she's done it all so calmly. Nothing phases her at all. She went to school locally and was receptionist at many schools so really knows Broadstairs and what's going on. Our own little tourist info bod.

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