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Initial Consultation                                                                                                

This appointment is for those who have not seen us before of whom haven't seen us for 2+ years. 

Consisting of medical history, orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic testing.  Depending on the outcome of the examination x-rays may be advised, these will be billed in addition to the consultation.  A full verbal report of findings and initial adjustment (if appropriate) are included in this appointment.


Follow up visits                                                           

These are follow on visits after your consultation




          Current patients       


     1 area - £70

     2 areas - £90

     Full spine - £105

          External patients


     1 area £90

     2 areas - £110

     Full spine - £125

"External x-rays" are for those that are not current patients.

All imaging must be justified and warranted under radiological and clinical guidelines.

Images come with a full report within 3 days .


We sell a wide range of products from back supports to vitamins, minerals and cold pack


Individually priced.

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